Silicon Aluminium Alloy

Silicon Aluminium Alloy

silicon aluminium alloy has the characteristics of low cost, light weight, high thermal conductivity, high stiffness etc.

Silicon Aluminium Alloy

Silicon aluminium alloy is the first series of alloy products in the world to meet the requirements of expansion rate of 5 ppm/C to 22 ppm/C. Its silicon content is ten percent to seventy percent. Silicon-aluminium alloy materials with different properties can be obtained by adjusting the volume fraction of silicon.

The spray forming process of silicon aluminium alloy has the characteristics of low cost, light weight, high thermal conductivity, high stiffness, low thermal expansion, high machinability, surface coating and welding performance.

Using silicon aluminium alloy as the base, shell and cover of electronic packaging material has good matchability and heat dissipation, which can greatly prolong the service life of high-power module and increase reliability.

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Typical applications of silicon-aluminium alloys

1.    Airborne signal transmitter

AlSi50 alloy can replace titanium/copper-molybdenum alloy package, which can greatly reduce weight and cost. It can be used as laser welding cover as gas seal.


2.    Application of Ka Band Amplifier Satellite Equipment

The thermal expansion rate of AlSi50 alloy gas seal is the same as that of steel seal ring. No additional heat sinks are needed for sealing alloy like Kovar alloy or Titanium metal. The shell quality rate is high when soldering.

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3.    Laser Glass Fiber Fixture

High-strength fiber laser cylinder requires thermal expansion rate matching with glass fiber, high strength and high thermal conductivity.

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4.    Fixed disc of CCD high definition camera

AlSi70 alloy can replace copper-tungsten alloy with low specific gravity, thermal stability and low cost.

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5.    40Gb/s Signal Transceiver

AlSi70 alloy carrier plate, AlSi70 alloy can replace copper-tungsten alloy, easy to carry out quality and cost control. The heat dissipation device directly processed on the plate makes it unnecessary to weld copper-tungsten thin sheets on it to dissipate heat.

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