Company Profile

Professional Manufacturer of High-Clean Solder Preforms and Low CTE Al-Si Alloy Materials

Chengdu Apex New Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2016. We are one of the manufacturers specialized in Solder Preforms and Al-Si Alloy materials with ISO9001 quality system certificated. We have a professional R&D team and set up R&D center.

Apex New Materials focuses on the development and manufacture of alloy solder perform, ribbon and silicon aluminum alloys raw materials, plates, profiles etc. Our self-developed products include Au80Sn20, Au88Ge12, Au96.85Si3.15, Sn63Pb37, In97Ag3, Bi58Sn42, Ag72Cu28, AlSi27, AlSi50, AlSi70, Al4047 and so on. Apex New Materials solder preforms and  Al-Si alloy materials products have been widely used in electronic packaging, microwave, aerospace, optical communications, power electronics, 5G, Artificial Intelligence,  new energy vehicles and other high-end fields. We are committed to providing customers with more professional, efficient and reliable process solutions.

In addition to providing a variety of standard and non-standard metal alloy materials, Apex can also meet customer requirements for different product sizes and accuracy, and tailor-made special metal alloy materials for customers according to the characteristics of solder itself.

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Our Advantages

Company Profile(图2)Self-developed production such as gold, silver, lead, tin, indium based alloy solder performs.

Company Profile(图3)Through continuous process improvement, the current thickness of the Au80Sn20 solder strip is the thinnest up to 7um.

Company Profile(图3)Has a special die Department with perfect equipment and high precision WEDM processing capability. It can customize production according to customer's needs and reduce the cost of opening die.

Company Profile(图4)Quickly and efficiently produce all kinds of standard, customized and complex shapes solder performs (wafer, welded frame, rectangle, square, circular and non-standard shapes, etc.).

Company Profile(图5)Solder performs has the advantages of high cleanliness and non-oxidation, which effectively solves the problems of void and poor wettability.

Company Profile(图6)Silicon aluminium alloy has uniform composition, fine structure, no macrosegregation and low oxygen content.

Company Profile(图7)Fast response, Short supply cycle, some models of Silicon aluminium alloy are in stock for a long time. To meet the urgent needs of customers.

Company Profile(图8)According to customer requirements, we can provide a series of electronic packaging services, such as post-processing, electroplating, sintering insulators and so on.