Au80Sn20 Solder Seal Lid

Au80Sn20 Solder Seal Lid

The base material, either Kovar ™ or Alloy 42.

Au80Sn20 Solder Seal Lid

        The base material, either Kovar ™ or Alloy 42.After nickel plating and gold plating, spot welding is carried out on the solder preform. The nickel layer can inhibit corrosion, while the gold layer can promote weldability and extend the shelf life. The gold plating layer has good wettability with the Au80Sn20solder preforms, which can improve the reliability of the cover plate. 

Au80Sn20 Solder Seal Lid(图1)


      Alloy: Typically Kovar ™ or Alloy 42. Alloys of Aluminum,Titanium,Stainless Steel and Ceramic are available upon request.

        Plating: Typically Nickel electroplate per QQ-N-290,50 – 350 microinches thick followed by Gold electroplate per MIL-G-45204, Type III, Grade A, 50 microinches thick minimum. Alternate plating schemes, including four layer plating and customer specific thicknesses, are available upon request. Base will meet the requirements of MIL-M-38510.

        Tolerances: Length and width+/- .003''

         Thickness:+/- .001''

         Flatness: <.001'' for lids <.500'' or .002'' for lids >.500''

Au80Sn20 Solder Preform

        Length and width dimension tolerance +/–.003".

        Thickness dimension tolerance +/-.0003".

        Tack Weld Assembly Three integral welds, Alignment +/–.005", Weld Splatter <.003".Au80Sn20 Solder Seal Lid(图2)